As a doctor and a humanitarian I feel it is important to cover this conflict on this blog. I think this video made by a large group of Jews who want to shed light on the subject does this succinctly and reminds us that this isn’t Muslims vs Jews but odious politics forming a black hole in the Middle East that must be purged. The above video is just the facts and the only opinion you will see is the following:

This loss of life is beyond barbaric.

Hey World: WAKE UP!

Anti-vaxxers & Medblrs in a nutshell


A: I won’t vaccinate my kids, because…

M: No they don’t….

A: But this one person -insert physician whose licenced was revoked or stupid celebrity here- says it’s true

M: There’s no scientific correlation between those 2. It’s been proven over a thousand times


M: Oh dear God! PLEASE


I wonder how these people can sleep at night, knowing they are responsible of totally preventable and unnecessary deaths. In my book, they are passive murderers.

f4had1 asked:

How can I differentiate between Septic arthritis and Rhumatoid Arthritis ? thanks

Hello there! I’m going to give you the big picture here, cause there’s a lot to say about these 2 diseases!

Well, first you need to know that Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease, meaning that the body produces autoantibodies against healthy tissue, in this case, synovial joints. The joint involvement is symmetrical (meaning, both sides, R&L, are affected), and is characterized by morning stiffness that improves with activity. The inflammation causes joint destruction and deformity. This disease is systemic (meaning, not only joints are affected, but other organs as well), and for that has systemic manifestations (fever, fatigue)  and is progressive (meaning it gets worse). Click HERE to review the criteria.


Whereas Septic Arthritis (SA) is caused by an infective agent. The routes are hematogenous, direct inoculation (injections) or adjacent spread (osteomielitis). The most common cause is Staphilococcus aureus. Neisseria gonorrhoeae can also cause SA, think of it, if your pt is sexually active. Other causative agents are: Sreptococcus, Haemophilus influenza, gramnegative bacili. The presentation here is different. Only ONE joint (usually large joints: knee, hip, shoulder) is affected and is tender, PAINFUL, swollen & erythematous. When you encounter this, you HAVE TO ASPIRATE THE SINOVIAL FLUID! this is a medical EMG, if you don’t do it as soon as possible, the joint can be permanently damaged. When you do, you’ll find a cloudy synovial fluid that makes clots and has a lot of PMN (neutrophils)


I hope this helps! 




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irandommomentsdevida asked:

medblrs as characters in Supernatural! :)

md-admissions answered:

I. Love. This. Question. Because I think medicine is like Supernatural. Seriously.

I’m about to miss a TON of my favorite people (I apologize!!) but I’m going to do my best. 

cranquis: Bobby Singer. In the medblr universe he is our fount of knowledge and humor. He reassures, jokes, keeps it real. Also, I imagine he, like Bobby, would probably say this regarding some of his more…colorful patients: image

baffledinbrooklyn: It was HARD deciding this one! But I’m going with Chuck Shurley. Like Bobby, he’s someone whose looking at the big picture that we medblrs will often visit for information. Chuck is endearing because he, like baffled, makes an effort to emphasize that he’s a normal person with a far-from-normal (leaning more towards amazing) job. image

wayfaringmd: Ellen Harvelle. Down-to-earth, capable, no-nonsense. Her tumblr is like the Roadhouse, a critical pitstop for the roaming medblr in search of knowledge or a good chuckle. When I need advice or a tune-up, I always listen to her. :) image

imaresident: Sheriff Jody Mills. From her posts, she always strikes me as the person who has a level-head even when nothing around her makes sense or is going bonkers. I’d want her as my senior resident. image

medicalstate: Sam Winchester. He’s smart, well-spoken, thoughtful. But EVERYONE can tell that Tom is a beast on the wards. He is undoubtedly nailing it right now in his intern year! I also imagine that he gives good hugs.image

descantforhope: Mary Winchester. descant brings her nurturing, positive energy to the medblr community. A gorgeous, wonderful mom who also kicks butt, academically, personally, and in all other areas of life.image

aspiringdoctors: Charlie Bradbury. The geek-chic sister everyone wished they had who loves LoTR and is a proud nerd. Won’t hesitate to defend what’s important and right. Also, both are on top of their fashion game. image

mynotes4usmle: Tessa the Reaper. Lovely, wise, and an unexpected guide. While in Supernatural, Tessa is a surprising guide and ally to Dean, Renata is a parallel for me and many others in a world where some would rather hoard their test tips and knowledge than empower others(I’m looking at you, SDN). She’s someone you want in your corner! image

ladykaymd: Linda Tran. Whip-smart, capable, loving, a fearless champion. When you think you know everything about her and how badass she is, she surprises you and reminds you that she is exactly what you thought: a medical goddess in the making. Everyone wants to be her. This is fact. image

Imagine, instead of Crowley, anti-vaxxers, misogynists, and the patriarchy as ladykay slaps them hard with knowledge.

ermedicine: Balthazar. Because you have to be committed, smart, and a healthy dose of sassy to survive a hectic ER. I imagine ermedicine slinging awesome lines like this during his shifts: image

beyondtheoath: Kevin Tran. Thoughtful and gifted with a natural ease in a profession that is pretty much all about the unnatural. image

hartmd: Castiel. It’s something about the writing style. Analytical and meticulous but ringing with a lot of heart.  image

ninjatengu:  Garth. He balances crazy medlife with a fulfilling life beyond it. Sports! Friends! Food! Yummy drinks! And he’s got a refreshing, unique take on medlife, much like Garth. image

modernathena90: Jo Harvelle. Spunky and fearless. image

irandommomentsdevida: I wanted to say Gabriel, but…you gotta be Becky. Minus that creepy episode with the love potion. I deny it’s existence. Because Becky is enthusiastic, unapologetic for her passions, and always genuine. She’s fun and reminds us all that yes, the Supernatural/med world is often scary and serious, but it can be a lot of fun too!


kyidyl: Krissy Chambers. Hunter/medblr in training, but already showing some serious badass potential.


thenotquitedoctor: the Impala, stalwart and true! You can always rely on TNQD. 

thebiopsyIf we have a Bobby, medblrs must have a Crowley. A fan favorite, funny, and he’s the man with the skills and knowledge you need when you’re in a bind (podcast, med school consults via social media). I imagine you to have excellent sartorial style as well :D image

How do you think I did? ;)


Can i just say how happy you’ve made me? Thank you so much for your nice words md-admissions
Now, don’t kill me. I’ve never watched Supernatural. I remember an episode about an evil clown, and I was like “Nope, no way I’m watching that” since I’m the biggest of the chickens, when it comes to horror movies/tv series. But just for you, I’m going to make and exception, and suck it up, and watch it. Plus those 2 brothers are an eye candy 😍

And, I’m going to take this opportunity to say this: Thank you so much for always being awesome. Cause, seriously dude, there’s no other word to describe you better. For always being caring, lovely, an amazing friend, for helping everyone that comes to you for help, and for being so passionate about your carreer. Those qualities tell me that you are -quoting you- a medical goddess in the making. Never, EVER, doubt that.